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Residential Energy Options

If you are here you are probably wondering where to start. You do have many options that should begin with planning how to use less energy and then move into how to produce some or all of your own energy rather than importing it. Harvesting sunshine from your roof for hot water, and electricity just makes sense. If your roof doesn’t face south or there is too much shade, solar can be mounted on racks or poles (See the Gallery for examples). Making your own energy resources at home can provide reliability, peace of mind, and the products might well be the best investment you ever make, returning reliable energy harvest at a fixed price in an unstable energy future. What other durable good have you ever purchased that keeps giving year after year. Maybe fruit trees?

Whether you choose grid-tied solar to power your home, or a solar hot water system to heat your water, Oso Renewable Energy will provide you with the guidance and proven products to give you decades of reliable, affordable service.

See sidebar links for information about various residential energy options.

For isolated homes/cabins choose Stand Alone Solar.

For utility power accessible choose from Grid-tied or Grid-tied with Battery Back-up.

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