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About Us

Oso Renewable Energy provides consultation, products for renewable energy, installation and service for American and Canadian clients on both sides of the border. Oso owner, Kip Drobish has lived “off grid” since 1994. He has 12 years experience with solar water pumping at his produce farm (1996-2008), and his passion for renewable energy, led him to become a solar products dealer in 2006 and after further training with Solar Energy International an Installer in 2007.

Credentials and Certification:  Kip Drobish is both CanSIA and SolarBC certified for solar hot water installing. At this time we are working towards certification with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).  

Partnerships:   Where the laws require a licensed electrician work on the job (as in British Columbia), we coordinate with Master Electricians with DC and AC experience. 

In Montana we work with a Master Electrician for connecting the AC side of a home power system as required by the NFPA National Electric Code.


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