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Micro hydro power can be a reliable and very consistent home power source. The micro turbines are relatively inexpensive, but the system installation can be very labour intensive. Before you get too far you need to know three things; total drop from penstock intake to turbine, distance run between, and the average flows for the highest water season and the lowest water season. From there we can estimate electricity production and determine your power needs. These systems work best with a bank of batteries to store excess energy and then have it available when you want more electricity than can be provided from the turbine output. Having batteries also means you have power while you are doing turbine, or penstock maintenance like clearing debris from near the intake.

For this sort of home power system you will need (again as in any system with batteries) an electrical device known as an inverter that is used to change Direct Current (DC) battery electrical power into 120 volt Alternating Current (AC) unless the dwelling runs entirely on low voltage DC current. 

When your batteries are full and the water is still spinning your turbine you will need a place to use the extra energy, like a DC water heater. This is known as a “Dump Load” and it keeps the microhydro generator for over spinning and wearing out faster than need be.  Hydro power does require a bit more oversight than solar or wind power so you need to be prepared to put on the hard hat and rubber boots, but you will seldom if ever miss having a noisy, stinky generator.



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