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Grid-Tied with Battery Backup


Uninterrupted power system / Battery Back-up Power with or without generator support

it does fill a certain niche where nuisance power outages can lose you business, or loss of frozen foods. Generators alone are quick and dirty and often applied in an unsafe fashion. They are usually noisily producing way more power than you need to satisfy your loads and to be safe to the utility line workers you need to manually run extension cords and plug in your appliances (loads) directly to the generator.

The clean and seamless way to have reliable back-up power is through the use of deep cycle batteries and a piece of hardware used in solar and battery based systems known as an “Inverter”. In a code compliant standby battery back-up system, the CSA/UL 1741  approved inverter is standing by waiting for an outage or severe voltage drop to occur. Within 30 milliseconds of this occurrence the inverter has engaged and is providing battery power to a designated sub-electrical panel that contains circuit breakers and circuits for the “critical loads”, i.e.; freezers, office equipment, hallway lights, security systems, lab equipment and so forth. The transition to inverted battery power is seamless and will not cause an interruption.


[Diagram of simple system]


When the utility power is restored the inverter will then act as a charger and recharge the batteries. In anticipation of extensive power outages an automatic generator start module can be added to automatically start a generator when the battery voltage drops and turn it off again when recharge cycle is complete. With a UPS and Auto-Gen start system you don’t have to worry about getting up in the middle of the night and going down to your store or business and manually starting the generator and plugging everything critical into it.

The extra step of adding a little solar is not very large and is recommended if you want to show-off a little Green. The further extra step of grid-tying the solar is only a contract with the utility away with most utilities and some reward you handsomely for it.

All products we install are CSA and listed UL 1741.


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